Marney Ward, SFCA

 Marney is an award-winning artist whose radiant watercolour paintings of flowers and trees are internationally recognized. Her work not only captures the unique characteristics of every flower she paints, but also a wonderfully transcendent quality of light and a joyful and uplifting energy. 
   Large in size and often close-up in approach, Marney’s work features vibrant, bold colours not often attained in watercolour. However, Marney also exhibits the rare ability to tease out subtle, seducingly delicate variations when working with her favorite flower colour, white. 
   Marney is a Senior Signature Member of The Federation of Canadian Artists and is represented by The Art Gallery of Greater Victoria , Butchart Gardens , and Winchester Galleries in Victoria and Federation Gallery in Vancouver . In 2008 and 2010 she had major solo exhibitions at Winchester Galleries in Oak Bay and downtown Victoria . Twice a featured finalist in International Artist magazine, Marney has also been published in Coastal Moments and Artists of British Columbia, Volume 3 and was the cover artist for Art Avenue and Focus magazines. Cards, prints, a perpetual calendar and a small book of her poems and paintings are also available. 


Marney Ward's Painted Garden
book cover
Pink Dahlia
watercolour 14 in. x 21 in.
Iridescent Iris
October Glory IV
watercolour 21 in. x29 in.
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