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Joanne Thomson

Thomson is a full time artist exploring many avenues of the profession. Her illustrations work ranges from textbooks to colouring pages and most recently Tarot cards for a Netflix production called “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”.  


Her passion for teaching artistic expression and the skills of watercolour painting is well recognized. She teaches community classes privately and through UVic (she has earned a Master of Adult Education at St. FX).  


Her public murals can be seen around town at Pacifica Housing, Rogers Elementary School and George Jay Elementary School. Thomson is not doing large scale outdoor murals anymore though, having mentored younger artists on the techniques and administration of mural projects. Now she has turned her community efforts back to working with environmental groups to develop illustrated resources.


Thomson is perhaps best known locally for her “Mason Jar” series - a fine art series that cumulatively tells the story of her life.  It began as a family history project and moved into Food security, and now has moved to environmental security and back to family history. Prior to the ‘Mason Jar” series she was best known for her depictions of west coast inner forest scenes.


She continues to work in both series and others as inspirations grabs her.

Thomson is a past president of the IIS. She is a member of CARCC and CARFAC.



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