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Joanell Storm

Joanell was born in Twentynine Palms, California in 1961.  Ever since her grandfather, California Impressionist William Ward, set her up with an easel and paints at the age of three, she has been exploring and creating.  Despite raising three children to adulthood and working in the healthcare field, there has always been time for artwork.


Joanell is mostly a self-taught artist who has spent a lifetime developing a love and appreciation for the outdoors.   She is particularly inspired by the diversity and beauty of the ecosystems of Vancouver Island and her paintings and drawings reflect this.  She employs a wide range of media, from pastel to acrylic painting and block printing, and she has developed her own unique style of “wire drawings”.

Joanell has concentrated mostly on the art community of Vancouver Island, exhibiting works in local juried shows and participating in town beautification projects.  Recently she has been commissioned to create biographical cartoons, which commemorate life events of a special person.


Joanell has works in various public and private collections in the United States and Canada.  She lives in Brentwood Bay, BC.  When not at home, she is cycle touring and travelling with her husband.


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