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We Are Blowing Our Own Horn Because...

Joanne Thomson is having a show!

Title: Wood and Water

Dates: October 22 to November 10, 2019

Place: Cedar Hill Arts Centre Gallery


November 2nd, 1:00 to 5:00

WOOD AND WATER: TRANQUIL MOMENTS This exhibition is a representation of both why I create art and why I teach others how

to paint and create art.

In my 2018 exhibition “Wild Anticipation” I shared explorations of some of the wild places in Canada that have been preserved in local and national parks. In this exhibition the focus is on British Columbia: specifically the wood and water interactions in our province. Water winds it’s way through all wild places. In our beautiful rainforests we have an abundance of water interactions; winter lakes, streams, ponds, year round lakes, ocean, and springs. It flows below the surface and pools in hollows. This year it even froze. Water and wild places are interconnected in the same ways we are. Water, clean water, is always necessary for health.

My intension in depicting wild places has purpose beyond creating a representation. The larger goal is to draw attention to the wild places, particularly those in our urban centers; the ever present need to protect them and the water that sustains them. My hope is that my depictions will inspire viewers to enter wild places and while there take time to sit and listen, look and appreciate the beauty in a tree, a winter pond, a lake, a river, a forest, a single plant. Then take time to work with organizations that are anticipating the need to preserve these places for us and for the future.

My plans for this exhibition have always include wood that is transformed into useful and beautiful objects, however, the means of including that have shifted. My friend Gregory Brown has a wonderful old wood shop and was receptive to my inviting myself to spend time there and this helped me to move forward in my vision for the show. The images from the ‘Mason Jar Series’ show wood working tools inspired by my Grandfather, my Father and by Gregory. The images showing tree branches are me wandering the forest again.

Participation in the exhibition has been extended to those who have studied with me and are inspired by the theme of “Wood and Water”. These guest artists have created works in watercolour and extend the story. They are why I teach others how to paint and create art. Our relationships are reciprocal. Like wood and water, we work together and inspire each other to create what has not been created before. Like water some crept through the opening after the poster was printed.

Thank you to Mary Barnes, Nancy Cole, Bob Greig, Jim Goff, Rob MacDonald , Diane McEwen Mellott, Jane Newman, Susan Rutherford, and Maureen Shields for their courage and generousity.

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