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Come To Our Art Show!

Members of the Island Illustrators Society welcome you to our 2019 Exhibition at Coast Collective. The following featured artists are showing one to six works with many of them for sale: Ilka Bauer, Laura Bonnie, Ruth Bowman, Kristi Bridgeman, Jen Burgess, Kathy Cameron, Ken Faulks, Diana Grenkow, Karen Watson, Eliska Liska, and Marcia Semenoff.

The group exhibit includes recent work and new themed work from the Times Colonist’s feature article from January 2019. Examples of the broad range of mediums used include acrylic, collage, pen and ink, watercolour, glass beadwork and digital art.

Prints, cards, books, cloth bags, a sculpture, and painted dinnerware will also be available for sale.

Please join us and meet the artists on Saturday, February 16th from 1-3 pm at Coast Collective.

Click here for directions.

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