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Urban Sketching Trip - Cowichan Bay, BC

After being postponed to June 22, 2017 due to rain, the Urban Sketching Field Trip to Cowichan Bay went ahead. Members Amy Frank, Ken Faulks, and Ruth Bowman along with guests Anne Miller and Desiree Bond spent the day sketching the views of Cowichan Bay village and the waterfront.

Although there were some concerns that the day would be uncomfortably hot, the shade of Hecate Park trees combined with the breeze off the ocean made for perfect sketching weather.

Lunch was enjoyed at the Rock Cod Cafe although other diners might have wondered at the group as they trekked in with easels and bags filled with art supplies and sketch books. This event was declared a success by the participating members and plans are to have another Urban Sketching Trip in the fall to capture all the colours of the season. Members will be emailed sometime in August with details. Remember members, you are welcome to bring a guest or two with you for these events.

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