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Why Join the Island Illustrators Society? Please keep reading!

There are many advantages to become a member of the Island Illustrators Society (IIS). The following story is a good example of just one of them.

The vintage travel poster project was created by IIS member Ken Faulks.

Ken took on the role of art director for this project. He first gathered black and white roughs from participating illustrators and then gave them direction by suggesting changes if needed. Illustrators went on to submit colour roughs to Ken. After a review of these roughs and any final suggestions, the illustrators finished and submitted their final illustrations to Ken.

Each of the illustrators chose one of four predesigned poster templates into which their respective illustration would be placed. The template chosen dictated the size and dimension of their illustration. Illustrators had the option of creating more than one illustration.

There is great value to our membership in this exercise. The experience of working with an ad agency, publisher, designer, and/or art director is a challenge for anyone new to the publishing world. Reworking a visual idea once or twice or more is not for the faint of heart. One needs to listen to the client, adjust to the client’s vision, and develop a thick skin.

The process of producing a work for an IIS Theme Show is no different to the process of working on a real job. IIS Illustrators are challenged to produce work with very specific parameters, in a familiar or new medium, and to meet the deadline.

The theme shows allow the society to showcase all our artists, both experienced and new, to the industry and its processes. We proudly count many well known local illustrators and artists such as Robert Amos, Jimmy Wright, Robert Bateman and David Goatley as past members of our society.

We welcome new members to join our society. Please look at our Join Us page for details.

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