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Maria Miranda Lawrence

A lifetime attraction to the visual and performing arts, people and nature inspires me to create art. This has lead me to capture not only a realistic likeness but to communicate the beauty, light and energy within stillness or movement.

As a Canadian artist of Portuguese descent I was invited in the summer of 2005 to participate along with other artists, musicians and writers in a week long cultural program held on my birth island in the Azores. We were asked each to contribute a representation of our art directly inspired by our culture to be included in a limited edition published book with a musical recording. The following year I received the COPA National award for outstanding achievement in both Canadian and Portuguese Arts and Culture celebrated in Toronto. Over this time I connected with a variety of creative people. This sparked the idea of collaboration for my own unique project which I proposed and received top funding from the Azores government. I  produced a series of paintings of twelve Fado singers at or by the window (a metaphor for the contrasts of life). Each painting included descriptive poetry from a contributing writer. The series and publication is entitled - À Janela- the Poetic Soul. 


My artwork in multi-media to date includes a variety of commissioned illustrations and self published works; for example book illustration, book covers, posters, advertising brochures. I accept both personal portrait or commercial illustrative commissions.



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