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Hudson Bay Lowlands
Ilka Bauer & Ken Faulks

Lining the southern shores of Hudson Bay and James Bay, the Hudson Bay Lowlands cover over 350,000 square kilometres of northern Ontario, Manitoba and Québec. This is an area roughly the same size as Germany, or more than a third of British Columbia. Land in this region was depressed by the weight of overlying ice during the last glaciation and is still rebounding, rising about 60 cm per century.

As it emerges from the sea, the flat, poorly-drained ground is colonized by wetland plants, giving rise to a landscape of marshes, ponds, fens, and bogs that developed over thousands of years.

The Hudson Bay lowlands are the largest wetland in Canada and the third largest in the world. In summer, they may just support the largest crowd of biting insects in North America. 

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