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Happy New Year 2018

 from the Island Illustrators Society

in the theme of 

The Twelve Days of Christmas

Click on a letter for more information

  Happy New Year from the Island Illustrators Society.  This year 10 members of the society illustrated illuminated letters in the theme of The Twelve Days of Christmas to relay their sentiments for the new year!  Every year members look forward to this project and meet the challenge with great excitement and enthusiasm.  Keep a lookout for these letters in the Times Colonist for New Year 2018.

  The Island Illustrators have created New Year Exhibits for more than 20 years. Some of our themes have included Canadian nature, fantasy realms and music.  Last year, the illustrators created a series of 28 Vintage Travel posters to commemorate Canada’s 150th anniversary. The posters were received with phenomenal success and you can see them here.  They are still for sale through 

  The Island Illustrators Society was established to foster a greater interest in the art of illustration. The society exists to benefit its members and clients through shared information regarding illustrative techniques, business ethics, and standards.  In order to achieve these goals, the society makes partners of practicing illustrators, students, clients, and other interested parties.  For more information on the Island Illustrators Society such as how to become a member, how to hire an illustrator, past and future projects please choose the appropriate tab at the top of this page.

  The participating artists include: Ilka Bauer, Ruth Bowman, Kristi Bridgeman, Kathy Cameron, Catharine Campbell, Ken Faulks, Diana Grenkow, Lorne Miller, Joanne Thomson and Allegra Vernon.  Please click on the above images for more information.

H-A Partridge In A Pear Tree by Kathy Cameron

A-Two Turtle Doves by Diana Grenkow

P-Three French Hens by Ken Faulks

P-Four Calling Birds by Catharine Campbell

Y-Five Gold Rings by Lorne Miller

N-Six Geese A Laying by Ilka Bauer

E-Seven Swans A Swimming by Joanne Thomson

W-Eight Maids A Milking by Ruth Bowman

Y-Nine Ladies Dancing by Kristi Bridgeman

E-Ten Lords A Leaping by Ruth Bowman

A-Eleven Pipers Piping by Allegra Vernon

R-Twelve Drummers Drumming by Joanne Thomson

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