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Amy Frank

Amy Frank is a visual artist and writer from Victoria, B.C. Canada. Her work began in her teens as a coping technique when living with un-diagnosed bipolar disorder. She’s in her early 30’s now and although she’s been stable for years, her art has continued to blossom.


Amy works predominantly in pen and ink augmented with coloured pencils. Her trademark art style is recognized by her mixing patterns with colourful images. This style evolved unknowingly out of her need to bring emotional balance to her fluctuating moods. 


The feelings of creativity Amy experiences while making art can be overwhelming, becoming over stimulated when playing with composition and colour. In contrast, the repetitive patterns she creates place her into a meditative state, relieving the over stimulation into a stream of quiet thought. She combines the patterns with colourful images in each of her pieces to incorporate this balance.


Amy successfully turned her passion and coping technique into an art business in 2011.   Since then, she's had both visual and written works published. In 2014, Amy won a Heart Award for her website and its effective advocacy for those with mental illness. In 2015, she added public speaking on the topic of her art and mental illness into her repertoire. 


Through Amy's artwork, writing, public speaking and website, she candidly shares her personal story to help promote understanding and empathy around the growing global issue of mental illness.


Tel: 1-250-514-3351 

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