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Happy New Year 2019

 from the Island Illustrators Society

The Flora and Fauna of Victoria

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Happy New Year from the Island Illustrators Society. 

Typically, our members work in the solitude of their respective studios, yet each year the group gathers to create a theme show.  One such project has been our long standing commitment to create colourful pieces for the Times-Colonist’s New Year’s paper.  This year’s theme is “Flora and Fauna of Victoria”.  Our plan was to illustrate some of the many wonderful plants and animals from our area.

Please join us for our first 2019 Exhibition.  This exhibit consists of recent works and includes select pieces from “Flora and Fauna of Victoria”.  Many of these works will be for sale and you can contact the artist for more details.

Exhibit Dates:  February 13th – 24th, 2019
Reception:        February 16th, 2019, Saturday from 1 - 3 pm
Venue:              Coast Collective Art Centre, 103 - 318 Wale Rd., Colwood, BC

The participating artists include Laura Bonnie, Emily Bourke, Ruth Bowman, Kristi Bridgeman, Kathy Cameron, Ken Faulks, Eliska Liska, Marcia Semenoff, Joanne Thomson, and Karen Watson.


Founded in 1986 the Island Illustrators Society is made up of artists/illustrators from Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands. We have experienced founding members and brand new members, all with amazing talent in the many fields of illustration such as botanical, digital and children’s book illustration.  Our members work with a broad range of mediums such as: acrylic, collage, pen and ink, watercolour, glass beadwork and digital art.

Please choose the appropriate tab at the top of this page for more information on the Island Illustrators Society such as how to become a member, how to hire an illustrator, and to see past and future projects.

Please click here to see the January 2, 2019 Times Colonist article.

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