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The Island Illustrators Society does not act as an agent, but as a venue for you to contact any one of its members. To peruse the artwork of our member illustrators and contact them directly, click here

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​Links To Other Interesting Art Sites And Registries

The Arts & Cultural Accord - Featuring The Cultural Highway, a proposal to establish the West Coast as a Global Destination for the arts. (The Island Illustrators Society is a founding member.) 

Federation of Canadian Artists - A not-for-profit organization dedicated to the promotion and professional development of artists, and services for art collectors. 

Society of Illustrators - The original Society of Illustrators based in New York. 

World Wide Arts Resources - The comprehensive arts registry on the Web. - Society of Childrens Book Writers and Illustrators. - Canadian Children’s Book Center - Canadian Society of Children’s Authors, Illustrators and Performers. - Canadian Artists Representation Copyright Collective (for pricing guidelines and contracts) - Canadian Artists' Representation/Le Front des artistes canadiens 

Canada Council for the Arts - Community Arts Council of Greater Victoria - Graphic Designers of Canada - BC Chapter

* - Victoria Children's Literature Roundtable

For further information about Island Illustrators, 
contact Marcia Semenoff (President) at 

The Island Illustrators Society was established to foster a greater interest in the art of illustration. The society exists to benefit its members and clients through shared information regarding illustrative techniques, business ethics, and standards. In order to achieve these goals, the society makes partners of practicing illustrators, students, clients, and other interested parties. 

Definition: Illustration is a piece of visual information, either drawn or photographed, which usually illustrates an accompanying text. The purpose of illustration is to enhance the ideas presented in the text, or simply, to transmit information or concepts visually. 

The Island Illustrators Society does not act as an agent, but as a venue for you to contact any one of its members. 


 Island Illustrators Society

295 View Royal Avenue

Victoria, BC V9B 1B3



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