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Kathy Cameron


Kathy lives in Victoria, BC where she works as a full-time artist painting, teaching, and participating in as many art shows and events that time permits.  Kathy has worked with licensing companies where her illustrations have been reproduced on calendars, books, albums, wall décor, and print blocks.

She is a Signature Member of the Federation of Canadian Artists (AFCA), the past President of the Island Illustrators Society, and an elected member of the Society of Canadian Artists (CSA). Kathy’s award winning work can be found in various galleries and private collections throughout Canada and the United States as well as in several publications.

Artist's Statement:

My art work reveals my passion for anything vintage and seeing beauty in “old” as well as delighting in the fine detail and artistry in nature.   I am drawn to the rich color and delicate markings that occur through time on paper and ephemera and often use these treasured pieces as the foundation of my paintings.  I try to bring to the viewer’s attention the minute detail that can be seen in our natural world.  From the intricate veining in the leaves, the tiniest tufts of feathers to the detailed etching seen in a raven’s beak.  I try to evoke a sense of wonder within my art that will cause the viewer to look deeper and encourage them to stop and see the beauty in the smallest of things. 

Tel: 1-250-474-5233



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