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In 1974 Ruth was finishing grade 12 in preparation for attending university in the fall to become a primary school teacher.  With all her requirement courses for entrance into university completed, Ruth planned to take three art classes to complete the series of classes she had taken throughout her senior years.  So she was greatly disappointed when she was called to the office and told that she couldn’t take three art classes in her last year.  


“There are no jobs for a girl in art,” the counsellor told her.  “You need to take something useful like business machines.  A girl needs to know how to use an adding machine and a cash register and not how to paint a picture.”


Luckily for Ruth there were no other “useful” classes at the same time as two of the art classes and so she was able to take those.  (She never did use any of those machines.) 


Ruth went to university, became a teacher, and taught for thirty-five years. 


Then she retired in 2013 and went to the Victoria College of Art focusing on illustration. She has exhibited at the Martin Batchelor Gallery, St. Ann's Academy, and Emily Carr House.  She has participated in the Island Illustrators Society's 2015 and 2016 Travelling Alphabet Show and has four illustrations in the Society's "A Colourful Coast" colouring book.  Ruth illustrated the Kobo ebook, "A Seal's First Day".


Ruth is always interested in new projects and welcomes your enquiries.  

Who says there are no jobs for a girl in art!!

Phone: 250 213 2131



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The Island Illustrators Society was established to foster a greater interest in the art of illustration. The society exists to benefit its members and clients through shared information regarding illustrative techniques, business ethics, and standards. In order to achieve these goals, the society makes partners of practicing illustrators, students, clients, and other interested parties. 

Definition: Illustration is a piece of visual information, either drawn or photographed, which usually illustrates an accompanying text. The purpose of illustration is to enhance the ideas presented in the text, or simply, to transmit information or concepts visually. 

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