Laura Bonnie
Acrylic painting for a themed exhibition
Digitally based Greeting Card design for print
Commissioned for Arbutus Coffee Vancouver
Acrylic on wood panel, private commission
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Laura Bonnie is a painter and freelance illustrator currently based in Victoria BC. Her work is figurative and whimsical, often exploring the visual intersection of fantasy and reality. Frequent subjects include animals, the fantastical, story scenes, portraits and all manner of dream imagery. 

Since completing a BFA in Illustration at Emily Carr in 2014, Laura has been working on various series for exhibition as well as commissions and book and illustration projects. Her media include acrylic, collage, oil and digital. Regular participation in live painting events as well as mural projects at various festivals add energy and spontaneity to her practice. Influences include Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele, as well as Nick Bantock and James Jean. Passions include cats in dressup, good books, and very kitschy decor. 

Laura Bonnie is currently accepting personal (fine art & portrait) commissions as well as commercial illustration projects.




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Digitally based Greeting Card design for print