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Big Mysteries - Oak Island
Ruth Bowman

  The big Canadian mystery of Oak Island began in the late 1700’s when a young man was exploring a small island off of the coast of Nova Scotia.  The mystery says he discovered an old tackle block hanging from a branch of an oak tree over a shallow depression in the soil.  Believing that a treasure had been buried here, the man and his friends began to dig a pit to reach it.  The story says they discovered platforms of oak logs every ten feet and a stone tablet with mysterious symbols carved into it.  Just as they thought they had reached the treasure, the “Money Pit” filled with sea water and the men were forced to give up.  Since then numerous attempts have been made to reach the treasure without success.  

  Parts of the many different theories regarding who buried the treasure are shown in the poster.  Look for the tackle block, markings from the stone tablet, the skull and cross bones from a pirate’s flag, and the faces of pirates, Templars, and Freemasons watching from the trees and rocks.

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