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Big Beaver
Kathy Cameron

The monumental beaver located at The Town of Beaverlodge Alberta next to Hwy. 43, was built in 2004. It was unveiled as part of the celebration of the 75th Anniversary of incorporation of Beaverlodge. The dimensions of this impressive landmark measures 15 feet (4.6 metres) high, 16 feet (5.5 metres) long, 10 feet (3 metres) wide and weighs 3000 pounds.

The construction of this gargantuan rodent required 95 gallons of polyurethane, approximately 13 gallons of paint and 18 blocks of foam all supported by a metal frame.

The Beaver is Canada’s national symbol. It is also the largest rodent in North America. It is no wonder why Beaverlodge celebrates Canada with its own namesake.

Illustration Reference:

Google: “Beaverlodge Alta” 

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