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Note that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Island Illustrators Society is not actively recruiting new members. If you have questions about membership, please reach out to President, Marcia Semenoff at:

Tier Two Membership


What Are The Benefits Of Tier Two Membership?

A Tier Two Membership is an associate juried membership.  


It gives you access to:

• a page on this website (you can update your website once a year for $10.00) 

• access to calls for artists

• mentoring 

• membership fees of $35.00 a year

You are:

• not expected to attend any meetings

• not expected to help with projects

• not expected to help run the Society

• not eligible to participate in projects or shows [If you would like to participate, please consider a Tier One Membership.]

How To Apply For a Tier Two Membership?

You need to:

• complete the application form with a $15 fee (one-time application process) 

• submit your form and fee at any time of the year 

 provide a digital portfolio (see below for requirements)

• submit your form in the spring or fall

   • Spring Portfolio jurying deadline:  March 30
   • Fall Portfolio jurying deadline:
October 30









Digital Portfolio Requirements

• please provide 12 quality pdf reproductions of your best images 

• include examples of illustrative works which show continuity and versatility

• include your biography, an artist's curriculum vitae (CV), and an artist's statement

  using a 12pt Sans Serif font: examples - i.e., Arial, Myriad Pro, Helvetica

• mention works you have published (if any)

• include contact information including email, mailing address, and phone number

• provide your website's URL

• please send to  

Please note:

• the submission process reflects both publishers' and galleries' preferences which allows us to assess an       illustrator's ability to provide a professional quality product              

• the process takes at least one month and you will be contacted by email

• if the jury process needs to be repeated your cheque will be returned to you with suggestions for


• jurying is a one time process once you are juried as a full juried member

Please contact us if you have any further questions at

Click on the PDF Membership Form to download a copy.

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