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Barbara Weaver-Bosson

   Barbara Weaver-Bosson was born in Calgary, Alberta and at a very early age knew that art was going to be an important aspect in her life. A graduate of the Alberta College of Art and Design, Barbara and fellow ACAD artist Victor Bosson settled in Victoria, B.C. in 1975. Being a lover of landscape Barbara immediately began a series of artworks that were records and impressions of her west coast surroundings. Barbara's keen interest in urban landscapes and architecture developed in the early 1980's. Weaver-Bosson's community and neighbourhood based paintings have garnered awards in juried exhibitions and invitations from the City of Morioka, Japan to exhibit her Victoria series paintings in a cultural exchange. Barbara and Victor's frequent travels influenced and expanded their artistic visions. Weaver-Bosson's architectural paintings are in private and public collections worldwide.
   To meet the demand of Weaver-Bosson's Neighbourhood Series paintings, Barbara has released a series of limited edition prints. To view more of Barbara Weaver-Bosson's artworks and WHERE TO FIND her Neighbourhood Series prints and cards visit her site, below.

Tel: 1-250-385-3761
Email: e-studio@shaw.ca
Web: www.weaver-bosson.com

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Barbara Weaver-Bosson
'The First Day of Spring', Acrylic
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