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Greg Moran

   Born and bred on Vancouver Island, Greg was free to let his imagination run wild while playing among the old growth coastal forests. Heavily influenced by great illustrators like Arthur Rackham, Norman Rockwell, Brian Froud, and Alan Lee, Greg tries to capture a story within every painting or illustration he works on. The mood or action is the most important in any of his works and Greg strives to make each of his works memorable. Now with a son of his own, he gets to exerience that youthful imagination all over again!
   Greg has done a variety of illustration work for books, posters, and paintings and his self-taught traditional painting skills are primarily in watercolour and pastel. Having a background in graphic design and marketing, he often does work digitally using some of the latest design software available. Bridging the gap between the traditional classical styles and the modern digital rendering tools have resulted in making Greg Moran's artwork both unique and diverse in their applications.

Tel: 1-250-858-7764
Email: info@feystruck.ca

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Greg Moran
'Teenage Survival Handbook - Dealing with Teen Suicide'
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